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5 Best Incorrect quotes generator Tools/Apps – [Must Try]

If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further than the incorrect quotes generator. This hilarious tool takes real quotes and attributed them to made-up people, resulting in some truly funny (and often very believable) combinations.

Simply refresh the page to get a new quote. So, go ahead and give it a try! Who knows, you might just find your new favorite quote!

For example, did you know that Abraham Lincoln once said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”? Well, he didn’t actually say that – but the incorrect quotes generator will tell you he did!

So, whether you’re looking for a good chuckle or just want to fool your friends with some fake quotes, the incorrect quotes generator is definitely worth checking out.

incorrect quotes generator

5 Best Incorrect quotes generator You should Try

These are some great tools for creating jokes or converting between fictional characters. These websites can be used for creative writing and funny quotes.

#1. IncorrectQuotesGenerator.Com

Our first pick is definitely which is one of the most popular online. You can choose quotes from up six fictional characters.

These quotes are both funny and smart. This website’s content will be a source of meme-worthy information that can be used to create humorous creative writing. The generator generates funny quotes that can be used wherever you are. The generator has a responsive design and copy to clipboard features, which are very helpful for users.

Example Quote generated via

This is an example:

Person A: Person B, could I speak to you for a second time?

Person C: Oh, okay. Lemme guess. Let me guess. Person A and you are having issues.

Person A: Stop that. I know how to kiss. I have read books.

#2. Correct Quotes Generator by TechnMind

Our second pick is going to be which is also a famous incorrect quotes generator among people. This generator tool is used to create funny jokes and quotes for conversations.

These quotes are well-written and get to the point. These quotes are worth sharing with friends and colleagues to improve their conversations and have fun. The generator generates quotes that can be sent to everyone without thinking.

It is well-designed and responsive to various views.

Example Quotes Generated by

Person A: You lie, cheating, and a complete shitshow!

Person B: Ah, yes! You are the fool who thinks that you can do anything you want. WELCOME TO OUR REAL WORLD


Person D, taking the monopoly board. I think we should stop playing now.

#3. ScatterPatter’s Incorrect Quotes Generator

Our third choice is “Incorrect Quotes generator By ScatterPatter”, which is extremely popular on social media. This tool allows users to share their screenshots and create quotes.

This tool is not responsive on mobile devices, and there are other issues that may make it less useful for some users. Users cannot also copy to the clipboard so they can’t do it quickly.

Example Quotations Generated by ScatterPatter

Person A: Petition to remove the “d” from Wednesday

Person B: Wednesday

Person A: I didn’t have in mind what I was doing, but I am flexible

#4. Incorrect Quotes Generator by Perchance

Last but not least, we have Incorrect Quotes Generator by Perchance. Although this quotes generator is good, it’s not as good as others. However, it generates better quotes and has other important features. It’s also not mobile responsive, and there is no “Copy to Clipboard” feature.

Example Quotations Generated by Perchance

Person D knocks at the door: Personnel B, open your mouth!

Person A: It all began when I was a child.

Person D This is not what I-

Person E Let them end!

#5. Fake Quote Generator

This is another great tool for creating fake quotes. Just enter the text you want to be quoted, and it will generate an image with your quote. You can generate a number of fake and funny quotes using this and it would be very interesting!

So, guys these are the best and working Incorrect quotes generator applications. You can try one of them today and share it with your friends – HAVE FUN!!


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